Our Area of Expertise:

  • Single clipping path
  • Multi clipping path
  • Multi clipping for color correction
  • Web image optimization
  • Image cropping & resizing
  • Background insertion/removal
  • Image retouching
  • Neck montage adding
  • Transparent background
  • Mirror effect
  • Darken/lighten an area
  • Removal of dust/scratches
  • Perspective correction
  • FX Effect
  • Vector conversion

Clipping Path India / Asia

Our motto at ClippingPathService360 is always to deliver 100% handmade top-quality clipping path service with maximum accuracy at minimum cost. We provide high-quality clipping path services from our hi-tech studio in the range of simple to super complex categories. We believe that manual clipping can ensure greater quality than any other automated process available in the market across the globe. Therefore, we offer excellent manual clipping path services.

We assure that we will save a lot of your precious time and money as no other clipping path India company can offer such high-quality services at such a reduced rate. And for bulk projects, we offer huge discounts making the process even more cost-effective for the clients. Moreover, we have a quality control team for double quality checks managed by highly experienced graphic designers. Our quality controllers recheck all images after our design professionals complete their respective job of clipping paths.

What sets us apart from our competition is the policy of unlimited revisions without charging anything. In the pursuit of 100% client satisfaction, we rework on the images until our clients approves them. This has lead us to a long list of happy clients and a lot of pleasant testimonials from them.

Clipping Path / Silhouette

Creatively isolating the picture from its backdrop to make them more glorious!

There are several uses of image extraction, we have a team of experts which will ensure that images have flawless outlines and clarity after their background has been removed. We offer high-end clipping path services in India with perfect detailing. You will get impeccable outlines when you will outsource your clipping path job to us. You will be amazed to get beautiful outcomes by our designers.

Removing mannequins and making of hiding neck part:

In showrooms, we find clothes are shot by putting them over mannequins, to give the complete appearance. We can cleanly remove the mannequin and provide a wonderful look which makes them perfect for online stores and advertisement purpose.

Clipping Path India

Clipping Path with Original Shadow, Drop Shadow etc.:

It is absolutely true that shadow effects create a sense of depth, giving the impression that the object is slightly raised above its background. Using advanced blending and softening techniques, we at Clippingpathservices360 can create any kind of shadows.

Clipping Path Services India

Web/eCommerce Store Images Creation:

You need several sizes of images to be used in the web shop/store. Give us the specifications like thumbnail, zoom, size 800x1200 px and crop images, etc. and our experts will deliver good-looking images to you in no time.

Outsource Clipping Path

Different Uses of Clipping Path:

  • Remove or knockout background from image
  • Save silhouette selection with the image for later use
  • Create transparency or transparent backgrounds
  • Change or use a customized background
  • Create ads, magazine covers, and lots of other items in print media
  • Create desired layers, even multiple layers by multiple selection
  • Shadowing or Dropping Shadows of desired Image
  • Create separate components for animation

We have been providing manual clipping path services with perfect accuracy for our valued clients in the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Australia, India and several other countries. You can send us any type of file format such as JPG, TIF, PSD, EPS, etc. in any size. Get our free trials of clipping path service with absolutely no obligation.

We modify your photos with 100% accurate clipping paths:

Having significant experience of the image editing processes, we can edit your images with flawless finish. The clipping path is required to remove unwanted backgrounds from the product images and we do not make use of any automation software in this process; everything is done manually here. The clipping path is traced by our professionals who accurately mark each node to create a proper selection. Clipping path is very important so as to give a uniform look to the entire set of images. We provide manual clipping path services all over the world; manual means 100% accurate!

Clipping Path Asia is very useful for eliminating the background of an image when exporting the image to a page layout, a vector-editing application, or for printing purposes. ClippingPathService360's graphic artists use the pen tool to accomplish clipping path tasks.

Our clipping path service is divided into four service levels:

  • Simple Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super complex Clipping Path
  • Multi Clipping Path

At ClippingPathService360, we provide quality digital image processing service designed to meet the individual needs of all our clients.

For more information and the best offers, reach to us at info@clippingpathservices360.com. Our experts will identify your needs and get back to you soon. If you want a quote from us, we will generate one for you within just an hour.