Mannequin Removal as an Image Manipulation Technique

Image manipulation services have the potential to make your images look more appealing than ever. When it comes to apparels, they are usually shot on mannequins but images with mannequins don’t look that nice. Besides, policies of many online stores forbid the use of images in which anything other than the main product is present. Clothes’ images with mannequins can’t be shown on such stores. So, mannequin removal seems to be the best option here. Let’s say you have a shirt to sell and its image is featuring a mannequin. Now you need to remove the mannequin carefully. In such a situation, the part near the neck is quite complicated to edit as after erasing the neck of the mannequin, there will be an empty space to be covered with the texture of the shirt. This editing needs to be done very meticulously so that viewers don’t find any flaws in it. Continue reading “Mannequin Removal as an Image Manipulation Technique”

4 Ways of Image Masking that Bring Brilliant Results

Image masking is the technique to remove those elements of an image that don’t belong to the image or are not required at all. Though there are many techniques to do so but image masking is done when the task is very complicated.Let’s say you have to change the background of an image in which a female model is flaunting her flowing here. The work around hair will be very difficult as you have to take care of every single strand of hair. For such complex work, image masking seems to the best option. Continue reading “4 Ways of Image Masking that Bring Brilliant Results”