How is Clipping Path Utilized in Graphic Design?

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Clipping path is the most widely used feature in Photoshop. It secludes the part of an image which requires editing from the rest of the image. After applying clipping path on an image, you can apply desired effects on the selected part and give a completely new look to the image. While clipping path for an object in the image, Pen Tool is used to outline the part that requires to be separated. Once you have outlined the part, you can edit the part inside the outline.

Why is Clipping Path Used?

In graphic design, clipping path can be done for many purposes. Let’s have a look:

Image Masking:- One of the biggest reasons graphic designers use clipping path is image masking. Image mask is usually used for creating one single image from several images. Designers place different images on different layers where clipping path is done to decide which parts of the layers will be visible. Image masking can be done for various effects, and clipping path is essential for it.

Drop Shadow:- When you have to apply drop shadow on any object in an image, clipping path becomes must. Drop shadow gives a realistic look to an image and adds to its credibility. Besides, it enhances the overall look of the image as well.

Background Removal:- Background removal has become a necessity for many businesses, especially e-commerce. One of the most used methods for background removal is clipping path. Graphic artists separate the desired part of the image and take it to a suitable background. Many e-commerce stores have a specific set of rules regarding backgrounds of product images. Clipping path helps a lot in making an image perfect in terms of its background.


Businesses that Use Clipping Path

Digital Agencies:- Digital agencies have a very high requirement of clipped images. They have to use images for various purposes and on different platforms. Having clipped images provides them with the convenience of applying required effects whenever needed. They can also use clipped images on different backgrounds for different purposes.

Online Stores:- As discussed earlier, generally, e-commerce stores use clipping path for replacing backgrounds. However, they can also use it for applying other effects like drop shadow, mirror effect etc. Images play a vital role in the success of an online business and that’s why these businesses never deter from investing in high-quality clipping path services.

Web Design and Development Companies:- Web designers make good use of graphic designing during their work. Clipping path makes it easier for them to create brilliant images for their websites. The visual appeal of a site is something that makes the first impression on visitors, and that needs striking images. Such images can be got only with the help of clipping path.

Photo Studios:- Photo studios have to deal with numerous images on an everyday basis. Most of these studios outsource clipping path jobs in order to get clipped images which are easy to apply effects on. It saves them a great deal of time and efforts.

Publishing and Printing Houses:- These businesses also have a constant requirement of images. Not all images are perfect for use, that’s why they resort to image editing. Almost all image editing jobs for images require clipping path. Hence, clipping path becomes necessary for publishing and printing companies.

Pen Tool supposes to be the most favorite tool of graphic designers, and the credit goes to clipping path. This basic tool of Photoshop has gained great popularity among designers due to a lot of conveniences it provides. Once a part is clipped, editors can edit it without worrying about the rest of the image which remains absolutely unaffected.

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