How to Edit Fashion Accessory Photos the Correct Way to Increase Sales

How to Edit Fashion Accessory Photos the Correct Way to Increase Sales

When online buyers shop fashion accessories, the look of the accessories matters a lot to them and most of the time it is the reason behind their decision to buy the accessory or move on to some other pieces. Online shoppers have to visualize the accessory pieces through photos only. That’s why these photos need to be perfect.

Why Fashion Accessory Photos Need to be Edited?

When you know product photos are the only thing by means of which you can convince your prospect customer, you need to render these photos free from all sorts of flaws. The images should be detailed enough to showcase all pertinent qualities and features. The colors of the photos should also be vibrant. Also, there shouldn’t be any useless, distracting thing in the foreground or background. All such imperfections and flaws can be removed from photos with the help of image editing that includes all useful tricks like clipping path, spot removal, background replacement and much more.

1. Color Correction

Though color plays a significant role in defining the beauty of a photo, it becomes even more important for fashion products. Color supposes to be one of the foremost things people consider before buying an accessory. However good is the quality of the product, if the color doesn’t appeal to the customers, they won’t make a purchase. To avoid such a situation, you need to present your accessory photos after color correction.

While editing colors, you need to make sure you have to play around color balance, vibrancy, etc. while ensuring the retention of real color so that the real product doesn’t look different from the photos.

2. Background Removal

As discussed earlier, product photos should be free from distractions. But sometimes the background of the image becomes the biggest distraction. In such a situation you have to either remove the distracting elements from the background or replace the entire background with a suitable one. Often, fashion accessory photos are presented with a solid white background so that the entire focus is on the products.

3. Accessory and Model Retouching

Wrinkles on the face of the model or spots on the accessory, both can deteriorate the look of the image. Using the photos on your online store or some marketplaces with all such flaws can be detrimental for your sales, and brand image as well. There are many tools in photo editing programs that can fix such issues. Make sure your photos look perfect before they hit the online world.

4. Shadows and Reflections

Shadows and reflections can add to the elegance of accessory photos if they look realistic. Shadows and reflections are natural elements that not just make the product photos look real but also make them more appealing. Make sure the effects you put in don’t look fake.

5. Mannequin Removal

Photographers use mannequins for the shape of the fashion accessories but mannequins don’t look good in final photos. In cases of accessories and jewelry pieces, sometimes stands are used instead of mannequins. The best way to fix it is the mannequin removal service. In final photos, you can see the accessory with all relevant details but with no traces of the mannequin or stand.

The biggest fashion brands utilize image editing services to boost their sales. You can also team up with a service provider that offers cost-effective fashion accessory photo retouching services. Make sure the company you hire pays attention to the above points.

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