How to Give Perfect Drop Shadow in Photoshop Using FX Effects?

The drop shadow is all about adding a shadow effect to the object in a picture and make it more artistic as well as creative. Indeed, the graphic designer can also play with the drop shadow by transferring it another layer in Photoshop and giving it a separate color. With numerous opportunities to give a new angle to an object, a drop shadow is quite an interesting effect. The graphic designer can add different angles to the shadow to signify the distance of its appearance with the given image. Let's see as to how this can be applied to the image:

  1. Take an image on layer 1 that has to be given drop shadow. Indeed, the background layer can be kept plain or filled with some color on need.
  2. Select the object » open the layer palette » choose the layer with the image that required drop shadow effect.
  3. Go to the Windows menu bar » choose the "Effects" and open the Effects palette. This will show a variety of three dimensional effects that can be given to object in the image.
  4. Go to the Effect palette » click on the layer style icon » choose the drop shadow from the available drop-down list.
  5. On adding effects, a window opens of adjustments required » adjust the opacity level of the shadow as to how much darker or lighter shade it has to be given.
  6. As the effect gets added, small "FX" symbol appears on the layer palette » adjustment window opens to make required editing and click "Ok".
Shadow Effect Example

Graphic designing is an art that comes with innovative ideas to design exclusive commercials. A drop shadow is a specialized effect that lends a shadow effect to the object in an image. If it's required, the designer can also give inner shadow effect to let the shadow effect come within the object. This is the reason that the drop shadow is considered optimum to give a dusky and a new look to an image.

In fact, by shifting the drop shadow to another level and giving it a different color adds a creative touch to an image and makes it quite lively. Graphic designing is aimed at creating expressive images that can be used by organization to advertise their products or services. It is well known that something that is attractive will be known to the prospective target audience. This has necessitated for using special effects in creating interactive visuals.