How to Make Your Product Photos Impressive?

Background Removal Image

The first thing that an online business needs to do to make a mark in the e-commerce world is to ensure good quality of its product images. It’s one of the most effective ways to generate sales due to the importance of the appearance of the products in e-commerce. Appealing product photos can compel buyers to click on the buy button. Here are some features that make product images look amazing and add to your sales.

White Background

White background ensures that the product is highlighted perfectly. Other colors may attract the visitors of your store and steal away the attention from the product. Hence, using white color as background always brings good results.

Diffused Lighting

Flash lights cause many unwanted effects like unneeded shadows, grayness, reflection, and glare. In order to avoid such unsightly effects, you must use diffused lighting during the photoshoot.

High Resolution:

Product images should be shot with a professional DSLR camera in a high-resolution mode. DSLR cameras come with medium and high resolutions modes from which you can choose the desired one from device’s settings. High-resolution images don’t lose quality even when enlarged.

Fill Picture Frame

Ideally, your product should be covering at least 80% of the frame. Bigger images provide better details. Also, you need to see that the images are positioned in the center. Making good use of the available space when shooting products is essential for presenting your products in an impressive way.

Multiple Shots from Different Angles

When purchasing something online, buyers don’t have access to physical products and hence it becomes the responsibility of the e-store owners to show every visual aspect of the products to shoppers. That’s why you need multiple photos of all your products so that the visitors of your online store can have a better idea about the appearance of the products.

Perfect White Balance

Most DSLR cameras come with settings that can make photos look tinted, and obviously, that’s not a good idea for product images. The setting that helps in avoiding it is known as ‘Auto White Balance’. When turned this setting on, the images shot have a bright look like they are shot in daylight.

Don’t Use Props

There are two big disadvantages of using props; first, they distract the viewers from the main product and second, they give an impression that it’s also included in the package. So, using props is not recommended anymore. The guidelines of almost all major online stores forbid the use of props.

What if You don’t have Perfect Product Photos?

Sometimes the results of photoshoots are not as brilliant as we expect. But going for yet another shoot is not a wise option as photoshoots are very expensive. So, the best option available to you is to hire an image editing company. Such a company can edit the images as per your instructions. For example, if you have some product images which have gray or blue backgrounds, these companies can replace the backgrounds with white ones. First, they will execute background removal and then place the products on a white background. While doing this they will make sure that the images don’t lose their originality and look absolutely perfect.

Apart from background removal, image editing companies offer many other services as well. Some of these services are creating drop shadow and mirror effect, image manipulation, image resizing, and photo retouching. And in case you want your bitmap based images to be converted to vector images, image editing companies can do that as well. You can easily find a company providing background removal and other photo editing services through an online research.

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