How to Remove Blemishes through Photoshop?

So, you have got a perfect picture clicked and the only thing that’s irritating you now is the zits on your face. Don’t worry, that’s not too difficult to tackle. Blemishes are not permanent, so they can be removed from the pictures completely. Now, if you are thinking how to do it, the answer is pretty simple, use Photoshop.

1st Step


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Open the image in Photoshop and bring it to 100% by using Zoom Tool. Zooming the image to 100% brings better results in editing as the accurate changes are before you. Now, use the Spot Healing Brush Tool and change its size to a little larger than the spots to be removed. Then, click on all the obvious blemishes one by one.

2nd Step


Now, when you have taken care of all the easy blemishes, let’s go to the complicated ones. In case there are large areas of red or inflamed skin, we need to use the Clone Stamp Tool. It should be kept at 0% hardness and 30% opacity. Generally, the size should be 40 but it may vary as per the area we have to apply the tool on. Using this tool is very simple. Just hold the ALT key and select some area near the area to be edited. Now place the cursor over the inflamed area and begin editing.

3rd Step


Using Clone Stamp Tool usually, leads to the loss of skin texture. This can be corrected through the Patch Tool. Select the area having texture and drag it to the area that’s without texture.

4th Step


After cleaning up all the major issues, have a look at the entire face to find any more blemishes or spots to be removed. If you find some petty issues like eliminating whiteness around lips or some other parts, soften dark freckles or excessive shine on the nose tip, you can make use of the Clone Stamp Tool again keeping 0% hardness and 30% opacity.

Pictures are memories stored for life. You can make your memories more beautiful by removing blemishes on your skin. So, next time when you have to be shot, don’t very about the blemishes, as you know how to fix them in photos

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