Image Masking or Clipping Path – Which is More Valuable for E-Commerce?

Image Masking or Clipping Path

Clipping path and image masking are two of the most used image editing techniques. Most photographers and e-commerce companies use them to provide images with a different background or to edit specific sections in the photo. Both of these methods have gained high popularity but even today, many people don’t know which one is better.

The truth is it depends on the complexity level of the image. Clipping path services are good for images with basic to medium level complexity while image masking services are good for photos with high complexity levels. It varies from image to image which one will be more suitable for the job.

To understand the difference between clipping path and image masking, let’s understand their nuances separately-

Clipping Path

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful applications to edit photos. It features a number of tools that can be used to provide an image with higher appeal than its original version. Doesn’t matter what kind of image you have, you will surely find tools to get the desired effects. One of such tools is the pen tool which helps create paths around objects within images.

This technique is generally used to separate an object from its background in an image. Afterward, the clipped out section of the image can be combined with any other backgrounds as per the requirements.

The pen tool is the most used tool for removing undesired or unsightly backgrounds as it provides very accurate results. Though the results are amazing, beginners can find it a little too complicated to use as it involves deleting certain parts in the image. Besides, if the complexity level of the image is very high, even seasoned photo editors can find it challenging. One has to be very careful while clipping paths around objects. Sections with complicated edges like hair, fur, bristles, etc. can be too tough to be selected via clipping path.

How clipping path is done:

The first thing to do when applying clipping path is to select the pen tool. It’s recommended to zoom in the work window before creating the path so that you can have a clear view and the selection goes accurate. Once you have clipped the desired part, just paste it onto a fresh background that suits the intended purpose.

Image Masking

Just like clipping path, image masking is also one of the most used image editing techniques. The businesses in the e-commerce industry, especially, rely on this technique quite heavily for accurate selection of the desired sections in their photos. In this technique, certain sections of the images are revealed while others are concealed with the help of the layers attached to the background layer. This method is primarily good for images that have objects with complicated edges like hair, fur, and, bristles.

Most businesses, especially e-commerce companies, use this technique for product catalogues as it separates images from the background precisely. The fashion and the photography industries also utilize this technique for its fabulous and impressive results. The appeal of an image can be increased manifolds by employing this technique.

How image masking is done:

Open Adobe Photoshop and select the image you have to mask. Select the layer to make the mask and double click the background layer to unblock it. Now, start applying the mask to the area you want to show. Pick a paint brush or pencil and turn on mask mode by clicking the mask mode button. Cover the unselected area and select the area to be revealed by adding a layer mask and selecting the reveal section. Similarly, select hide selection to conceal unwanted sections in the image.


Both the techniques are popular among image editors but both have their specific applications. Image masking is for photos with complex edges while clipping path is for the rest of the photos. In case you are looking for a company to outsource clipping path services or image masking services, you don’t need to worry at all. There are many outsourcing companies that provide both the services, along with many other image editing services, at competitive rates. Start your online research and find a reliable company for your needs.

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