Mannequin Removal as an Image Manipulation Technique

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation services have the potential to make your images look more appealing than ever. When it comes to apparels, they are usually shot on mannequins but images with mannequins don’t look that nice. Besides, policies of many online stores forbid the use of images in which anything other than the main product is present. Clothes’ images with mannequins can’t be shown on such stores. So, mannequin removal seems to be the best option here. Let’s say you have a shirt to sell and its image is featuring a mannequin. Now you need to remove the mannequin carefully. In such a situation, the part near the neck is quite complicated to edit as after erasing the neck of the mannequin, there will be an empty space to be covered with the texture of the shirt. This editing needs to be done very meticulously so that viewers don’t find any flaws in it.

With the rise of e-commerce, internet marketing, and social media, high-quality images have become a necessity for almost all industries. That’s the reason image manipulation services are in great demand these days. With all the technological advancements taking place around, contemporary image editing companies are able to transform images into absolutely different graphics. They can edit product images in a magnificent way and can add immense appeal to them. And as we know, appealing images encourage higher sales and increase the revenue of the company. An experienced image manipulation company can remove mannequins from your product images so perfectly that nobody would be able to trace there was a mannequin earlier.

Why to Prefer Mannequin Removal Outsourcing?

Mannequin removal is one of the most complicated services among all image retouching services. First, graphic artists have to remove mannequin from the clothes and then the empty patches need to be repaired. Generally, image editors are provided with a separate image without mannequins, a part of which is added around the neck to get a perfect look. And if that’s not available, the editors have to recreate that part of the apparel. You can understand how complicated that would be. That’s the reason the task of mannequin removal must be assigned to professionals only.

How to Select a Good Image Manipulation Company?

So now, when you have made up your mind for outsourcing your mannequin removal tasks, you need to select a good service provider for the job. Let’s have a look at the right way to choose the best-suited image editing company for you.

Online Research

Spend a few minutes on Google and visit some websites of different image editing companies. You have to evaluate these companies on the basis of their experience, portfolio, reviews, and testimonials. Shortlist some of these companies that seem to be the most appropriate ones for your project.

Requesting Quotes

After shortlisting the companies, you have to request quotes from all of them. Requesting quotes is very easy these days, you just have to fill a simple online form and submit. Today’s image editing companies provide quotes very shortly. The maximum time they take is 24 hours. That means you’ll be having quotes from all of them within just one day.

Compare Quotes

Once you have received quotes from all the companies, compare them with each other on the grounds of experience, expertise etc. Remember, comparing quotes is not the process of finding the cheapest offer but the best offer.

Now, all you have to do is to hand over your project to the chosen company. You can also ask them for any discounts you stand eligible for. After all, a smart businessperson always aims at reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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