The Importance of Neck Montage in the Online Fashion Industry

For e-commerce companies dealing in apparels, neck montage has come as a brilliant process to make the images of clothes look amazing. It’s used when apparels are shot on mannequins or models and then only clothes are to be extracted from the entire image. In such a situation, when removing the models or mannequins, the inner part of the apparel near neckline is not visible. Now, it’s up to the graphic designers to recreate the part as realistically as possible.


Generally, there are two ways to get it fixed. Sometimes photographers take an additional image of the inner part of the cloth which can later be combined with the main image. The process of combining these two images is a real challenge and should be handed over to professionals only. The images are to be combined in a manner that it looks absolutely real. Even a slight flaw can make your image look made-up. It obviously is an unfavorable thing for an e-commerce business.

And in case, you don’t have any photos of the inner part of the garment, don’t panic. There is a cheaper and more convenient option than reshooting. Rather than contacting your photographer again for a reshoot, team up with a clipping path company with a good track record. Such a company can recreate the entire missing part from a scratch. These companies are staffed with experienced image editors that can execute such tasks in no time. With a short online research, you can find a company that specializes in fashion apparel editing and can cater to your needs perfectly.

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