Our Area of Expertise:

  • Single clipping path
  • Multi clipping path
  • Multi clipping for color correction
  • Web image optimization
  • Image cropping & resizing
  • Background insertion/removal
  • Image retouching
  • Neck montage adding
  • Transparent background
  • Mirror effect
  • Darken/lighten an area
  • Removal of dust/scratches
  • Perspective correction
  • FX Effect
  • Vector conversion

Image Background Removal Services

We all like to click charming photos with amazing backgrounds; however, many a times despite taking the best shot, backdrop doesn't seem to be perfect. What to do in that scenario? Contact ClippingPathService360, the leading image background removal company in India. On a daily basis, our photo editing experts at ClippingPathService360 handle such tasks and deliver their best effortlessly. Perhaps, that is why the clients seeking image background removal service keep approaching us to get their requirements fulfilled. Our company not only provides background cut out services, but also photo clipping services, image extraction services, image retouching etc. at an affordable price.

As a leading Image background removal company, we believe in providing great quality but not at exorbitant rates. Our prices are very reasonable for the quality provided, and that's why we are among the leading organizations in the industry. Besides, we provide additional discounts for bulk projects. Not just that, we happily allow unlimited revisions on the instructions of our valued clients. We redo the work as many times as the clients want, unless we receive a positive response from them.

Background Removed Images

Digitally substituting backdrops to get stunning images!

Background removal is an important part of the photo editing services. It is a method of changing or removing backgrounds of images without affecting the original value of the picture. Sometimes, the background doesn't represent the real nature of the image, there are some other objects included or there can be a myriad of other issues associated with it. That's the reason you need to hire an esteemed and experienced image background removal company like us. We have a team of skilled and seasoned designers that is required to execute the process of background removal in an efficient manner.

Moreover, after removing the background, we can embellish your photos with a lively new backdrop and also with other effects such as providing a glossy or matte look, making it black and white, giving a different shade to your hair color or whatever you can think of.

What is background removal in technical terms?

Background removal is graphic technical word, a command that isolates unwanted portions of a picture. There are a number of software available in the market to remove the background like GIMP, Photoshop, Photopaint etc., but our creative professionals at clippingpathservices360 use Adobe Photoshop for background removal services, with the help of pen tool, magic wand and lasso tool, alpha mask to isolate the product from its original background and use it at the required place. They have vast knowledge and know-how of where to use which tool to get the best results.

Advantages of opting our Background Removal Services

  • LOW price, HIGH quality
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Unlimited Revisions
  • All Format Output Support
  • FTP Facility Available
  • Flat Rate Per Image Cost Provided
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Get Quotation within 1 Hour

We offer FREE SAMPLES. We look forward to working for you! For cost-effective, quick turnaround and quality services, please contact us via email at info@clippingpathservice360.com.