How to Create Manual Clipping Path in Photoshop with Perfection?

Clipping path is an essential tool in Photoshop to edit images and makes use of quick selection, alpha channel masks as well as magic wand tools to create masterpieces from just a single image by changing their backgrounds.

Under-mentioned instructions are required to consider for creating clipping path manually with perfection:
  1. The initial step calls for an image to be opened in Photoshop that needs editing. In this concern, go to file menu of Photoshop › followed by open from the open dialogue box › then click on the concerned picture that needs to be fine-tuned.
  2. As the image file gets open, you should select the pen tool › the pen tool is present in the tool box› select the Path from the menu bar of Pen Tool that appears beneath the main tool bar.
  3. Start making selection around the image after zooming it › drag the mouse pointer and keep making path till you reach the last edge of an image. As the path reaches end, a symbol of "Circle" appears that represent the fact that path is going to be closed.
  4. On completing the path, go to the path palette › click twice on the "work path" and press enter to save the selection made › the path name changes to "Path 1". IMAGE With Manual Path
  5. Image With Manual Path
  6. After saving the path, go to pop-up menu in Path Palette › select "Clipping Path" that opens a box allowing to select desired path or flatness.
  7. Select the path to be clipped › apply flatness as desired and click "ok". This is done to adjust the sharpness level of the image.
  8. Transparent Image After Clipping
  9. Save the image in JPEG, TIFF or PSD format to let it open in Photoshop and allowing editing in it.
  10. Open this saved image in one layer and the artistic background on the other layer › Put the mouse on the clipped image and drag it on the other background › Go to the main tool bar and select "Refine Edge" from layer title to fine tune the edges of the clipped image placed.
  11. Save the final file.
  12. Final clipped Image With Background Change
  13. Image editing is a task that demands extensive attention towards cutting and placing of image on the right background and clipping path plays a vital role in creating exceptional pictures.