How to Isolate an Online Store Product Picture onto White Background Using Photoshop?

Follow the process explained below to isolate the picture:-

First, you need an Adobe Photoshop raster image editing software on your computer to learn this process. Open Photoshop from program, then open your selected object in working area like shown in below graphic print-shot. File Opening Help

To isolate the object from background, select pen tool as shown in the below graphic illustration.

How to Select Pen Tool

And make the path nodes along with product outer area, when you reach at the starting point of path nodes, the shape will change in the circle. Just click on that meeting point and save the path by name and make the selection like shown in the below image.

Showing File Selection

Then copy the selected area by using CTRL + C command, make a new page with a white background color #FFFFFF and paste the copied file using CTRL + V command and you will see a product on a white background like is shown in the below background this process is also called background removal/isolation.

Final Output After Product Isolation on white background